A 60s-Inspired Apartment with a Creative Layout and Upbeat Vibe

There's no question that design inspired by the funky colors and general freedom of the 1960s is entirely on trend right now. The visualizer of this house, who goes by Plasterlina, has titled it "That '60s House" and it is easy to see where the name come from. Still, the clean lines and creative details would probably feel more at home the upscale Haight-Ashbury of today than they would at the original Woodstock, which is definitely a good thing since there is not enough Lysol in the world to make us want to return to the real 1960s

The open plan of the main living area is decidedly modern, with a narrow but stylish kitchen opening out into a sunny living room. The spidery light fixture that hangs overhead is both practical and a bit whimsical. Overall, the color palette stays mainly neutral, true to the natural spirit of the 60s, but a few pops of mustardy yellow and some vibrant greens from the indoor ‘herb’ garden is more than welcome. The pattern on the area rug is particularly inspiring with a bit of Southwest happening, while still managing to meld with the wood flooring.

The kitchen is a little narrow, but still has the comforts that any gourmet would require. From expansive counter space to fresh herbs and a sleek cooktop as well as a natural wood breakfast bar, its a cozy slice of this home.

While a home office wasn’t really a thing in the 60s, everyone needs that workspace today. Adding a modern egg chair might invoke a Bond villain a bit, but also ensure privacy . 


Charles Bilash

20 years in any industry is a feat. 20 plus and successful years in the evolving, and ultra competitive Vancouver real estate game is next level. Charles Bilash achieved this milestone in 2016, but if you ask him…he’s just getting started. Armed with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, a passion for innovation, and a megawatt smile, Charles has carved out a top spot among Vancouver’s elite (and most charming) agents. And this Presidents Club alumni has no plans to give up that post.

Since day one, Charles has sought out innovative ways to break the corporate mold. His strategy? To embrace the latest technology and think outside the real estate box. And now – with Team Blu backup– he’s also harnessing the power of creative collaboration to push the industry forward (and to better service his clients – of course!)

With experience comes wisdom, and Charles has learned that a fulfilling life is a balanced one. So when client care is complete, he directs his boundless energy towards his two beautiful kids Shriya and Jayden. Loving them and living large with his wing-woman (and fellow Blu Realtor) Candice is what gives this passionate realtor purpose. And for Charles Bilash, passion + purpose = another 20 successful years.