Feminine Apartments and Design

When a space is your own, you are free to explore whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. Not every woman has the same idea about what is beautiful, but it is safe to say that most women take a lot of pride in their homes, whether that means decorating with fresh flowers, creating flattering lighting schemes, and beautiful fabrics.  The varying sizes just go to show that no matter how much room you have, you can always create a beautiful home.

The light colors and airy textures, plus plenty of natural light make for a sweet and feminine atmosphere throughout. A cozy living room offers seating for a few special guests while vaulted bedroom ceilings and large windows create a space where anyone – man or woman – would be lucky to wake up. Patterns are also essential in this apartment, from the intricate tiled floor in the bedroom to the creative wood accent wall in the enviable bathroom. 


Charles Bilash

Charles Bilash's 18-year journey to become one of the most successful realtors in Vancouver began with his experience in retail sales. Starting out as salesperson and working up to Store Manager positions at Big Steel, Harry Rosen, Club Monaco, Pegabo Shoes, Aldo and Kompass, Charles learned to continually improve his product knowledge and focus on the details in order to anticipate each client's needs. During this experience he developed the customer service skills that have become the hallmark of his real estate career. When he decided to transition into realty in 1996, he exhibited a passion for learning about everything real estate. As a result, he developed an in-depth knowledge of Vancouver's neighbourhoods, buildings, strata, developments, finishing details and construction styles, as well as particulars about specific developers and their buildings, in order to better serve his clients. In his early career, Charles was fortunate to be mentored at Realty World in Town Realty by the late Marv Graves, a legendary and well-loved figure in the local real estate community. Charles focused on the vibrant West End, which was the primary residential-condo market at the time. A few years later, the dynamic downtown market began emerging, and Charles was at the centre of these new developments. At the time, there were only about a dozen strata condos in the Downtown market, Yaletown was all warehouses, Gastown was a tourist strip, the Concord Pacific Lands were dirt, and Coal Harbour was two buildings at the Bayshore. Charles was there for the opening of every new building that emerged in the core. Top Performer While Downtown has been his focus, Charles has also been active with buyers and sellers in the West, East and North Vancouver markets, helping hundreds of clients find their first homes, dream homes and investment properties. Charles' passion for real estate has consistently earned him awards, accolades, and memberships in the elite President's and Medallion Clubs of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. In his fourteen years with Century 21 In Town Realty he was consistently in the top 1-10% of sales. He was also consistently a Top Agent for Century 21 In Town Realty, including being a Top 21 Agent in Canada. His tremendous experience in mentoring, coaching and collaborating with agents across Canada, as well as his large and expanding sphere of contacts, are just two of the many benefits he brings to his clients today. How Charles stands apart The hallmarks of Charles' service are his passion to inform and educate his customers to ensure they make the best decisions, and the long-term loyalty created in his customer relationships. He also places great value on utilizing effective business techniques to streamline the transaction process for busy clients in today's demanding marketplace. Charles has constantly striven to stay ahead of the competition and at the cutting edge of technology in order to bring his clients the best information available. As the real estate industry was evolving and transitioning from catalogues to the Internet, Charles jumped miles ahead of the competition and embraced technology by starting Charles Bilash - Best Real Estate Agent in Vancouver | Best Realtor in Vancouver 604-617-2947 in 2006. This was a ground-breaking personal real estate website that showcased and marketed his seller's properties in a visual and informative style, revolutionary at the time. Charles believes that providing the best information at the earliest opportunity is the key to helping his clients making the best decisions. Innovations like video property tours, photo tours, online floor plans, email campaigns, drip marketing, social campaigns, and home events have translated to sales for his clients. As featured in a significant campaign with CityTV, he has developed novel staging strategies that have given his clients' properties dramatic exposure. Many services and technologies that Charles introduced and pioneered are now standards, and have become the benchmark for agents offering services to the market today. Charles has been engaged heavily with social media, utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and others to benefit his clients. But he also knows that an agent today must be able to strike a balance between modern technology and the wisdom of past experience. With changing times, home buying and selling is becoming a simpler and more transparent process, but it will always involve a very personal and intimate transaction. Charles feels that consumers today have the opportunity to become more aware and informed than ever, so he strives to find ways to provide the best services and knowledge to the real estate market. Philosophy There is no substitute for experience. Charles' philosophy is that the home belongs to the Seller, and the investment/buying power belongs to the Buyer. His approach has been to facilitate—but not control, dictate or own—the transaction. His role is to use his experience and knowledge of the market to help bring the Buyer and the Seller together. Real Estate means many things to many people and there is a reason behind every decision being made. Whether you are buying or selling, Charles Bilash is here to help you move into the next phase of your life, providing valuable and honest insight so you can make the best possible decisions. Charles has always felt honoured to be part of the process of finding and securing the most valuable asset you will ever own. Personal Life In this fast-paced world, where we’re driven largely by technology, it’s great to see that there’s still an increasing need for the human element in everything we do. If you take my career as an example… I may have won numerous accolades and awards throughout my 25 years in the customer service industry but I now believe that what really is most important is who we are as people. I’m often asked by my clients whether I have a life outside of work, and the answer is most definitely “yes”! I am passionate about a great many things My kids are really the most important thing in my life. Getting the work/family balance right is challenging as I’m sure any parent will agree and I continue to work hard to succeed in this. My two children, Shriya at 9, and Jayden at 11 bring so much stability , happiness and clarity to my life. They keep me grounded and I in turn make sure that they have my undivided attention. We have such great times together and I find that it’s not just them learning from me, but they teach me so many new things! My passion for architecture spans a variety of types – modern and retro modern really excite me but then so too does traditional and historic, and when you blend these together… there can be a real wow factor. Take a traditional style and combine it with a comfy look and homey colours and I could sit and enjoy it for hours. Real estate design and modern aesthetics really interest me and I love attending new home shows as they always showcase the best new ideas in home décor and furnishings. And then there’s design. Simply put, I love design. Whether it’s websites, packaging, cool layouts, marketing products, to brands. Design plays an important part in my life and I’m now seeing that my kids are developing a similar appreciation for design too. Innovations in technology are certainly changing the way the real estate industry operates, and I love the challenge of keeping up with all these new concepts. Innovation has created many new ways to conduct business and I find myself always trying to think outside the box! There is just so much change going on in the world and this really inspires me. And as for those changes in todays ever changing marketplace, I’m embracing them full on! I strongly feel that my own industry is upon changing times and I look to be a part of something new and different that adapts to this fresh and evolving consumer marketplace. Maybe this is why I’m so interested in start-up businesses as I believe it’s these people that keep the world fresh and exciting. I’m always fascinated to hear about all these new start-ups that have gone on to become massively successful. From UBER, Netflix to Airbnb it’s enthralling to discover their stories and hear how these budding young people have taken their ideas and made them flourish. I am keenly following this growing culture and hope that, at some point in the future, it is something that I myself – and my children – may get involved in. I also have a passion for technology. No, I’m not one of those guys who must have the latest and greatest gadgets, but I am very interested in learning more about all the new products, ideas and concepts out there, from phones to cars, to everyday things that help to make life easier and cooler. Today 2013 brought about significant changes in Charles' career, and a new direction free from the restrictions of the “Big Box Brands. He currently works with SUNNUS Properties, a boutique real estate firm that provides optimum flexibility to deploy new business ideas and strategies as he continues to evolve the best services for his many clients of the present and future. It is this passion, as well as his depth of experience, professionalism and innovation which Charles Bilash has brought to bear for his clients, and he is excited to do the same for you. visit me at Charles Bilash - Best Real Estate Agent in Vancouver | Best Realtor in Vancouver 604-617-2947