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In this fast-paced world, where we’re driven largely by technology, it’s great to see that there’s still an increasing need for the human element in everything we do. If you take my career as an example… I may have won numerous accolades and awards throughout my 25 years in the customer service industry but I now believe that what really is most important is who we are as people. I’m often asked by my clients whether I have a life outside of work, and the answer is most definitely “yes”! I am passionate about a great many things, and I’d like to share these with you:

My kids are really the most important thing in my life. Getting the work/family balance right is challenging as I’m sure any parent will agree and I continue to work hard to succeed in this. My two children, Shriya at 9, and Jayden at 11 bring so much stability , happiness and clarity to my life. They keep me grounded and I in turn make sure that they have my undivided attention. We have such great times together and I find that it’s not just them learning from me, but they teach me so many new things!

And then there’s my partner, Candice, who I have to thank for a renewed interest in the world around us. Discovering Beautiful BC and all of its hidden gems, including places close to home that I’ve taken for granted for so many years. Now, along with Candice and my two wonderful children we’ve discovered the joys of hiking, visiting islands, parks, picnics and all the cool things we can do with kids around Vancouver.

When Candice and I want to enjoy some adult time together we’ll host a dinner party or head out to find an unusual or out of the way restaurant that could be anything from a family diner to a fine dining experience. We’re both self-proclaimed foodies and love the idea of simply enjoying  dinner with friends at home. Growing up in my teens and helping my Dad an award wining chef at the time with his own family business is what gave me the love of cooking at home and creating new recipes. This is where my love of cooking developed at an early age.

Beyond family life my other passions are architecture, design, innovation, business, start-ups and technology.


My passion for architecture spans a variety of types – modern and retro modern really excite me but then so too does traditional and historic, and when you blend these together… there can be a real wow factor. Take a traditional style and combine it with a comfy look and homey colours and I could sit and enjoy it for hours. Real estate design and modern aesthetics really interest me and I love attending new home shows as they always showcase the best new ideas in home décor and furnishings.



And then there’s design. Simply put, I love design. Whether it’s websites, packaging, cool layouts, marketing products, to brands. Design plays an important part in my life and I’m now seeing that my kids are developing a similar appreciation for design too.

Innovations in technology are certainly changing the way the real estate industry operates, and I love the challenge of keeping up with all these new concepts. Innovation has created many new ways to conduct business and I find myself always trying to think outside the box! There is just so much change going on in the world and this really inspires me.

And as for those changes in todays ever changing marketplace, I’m embracing them full on! I strongly feel that my own industry is upon changing times and I look to be a part of something new and different that adapts to this fresh and evolving consumer marketplace.

Maybe this is why I’m so interested in start-up businesses as I believe it’s these people that keep the world fresh and exciting. I’m always fascinated to hear about all these new start-ups that have gone on to become massively successful. From UBER, Netflix  to Airbnb it’s enthralling to discover their stories and hear how these budding young people have taken their ideas and made them flourish. I am keenly following this growing culture and hope that, at some point in the future, it is something that I myself – and my children – may get involved in.

I also have a passion for technology. No, I’m not one of those guys who must have the latest and greatest gadgets, but I am very interested in learning more about all the new products, ideas and concepts out there, from phones to cars, to everyday things that help to make life easier and cooler.

In my working life my enjoyment comes from the experiences I have working with people. From our first conversations to understanding each and every client’s individual needs, this customer service element is what brings out my creativity and passion and in turn makes my work so rewarding. Having two decades of experience behind me I continue to find ways to use this experience to inform and educate my customers, ensuring they make the best decisions, as well as helping my peers and colleagues.

My Beautiful Kids

BUrrowing owl vineyards in Oliver, B.C

BUrrowing owl vineyards in Oliver, B.C

My two kids, Jayden and Shriya make my whole life so complete filled with happiness, inspiration and focused for the future. They constantly remind me of the importance of everyday life and the small things that matter the most.

The woman who inspires me


Candice Charron    

Candice Charron


People that know me best say I’m optimistic and always look at the brighter side of things and enthusiastic, always interested in different kinds of subjects in life. Many will say I am very generous in wanting to help others in achieving their objectives and to help them lead a comfortable life.  

This is probably one of the traits that made me to want to make a difference in my community. I made the decision to volunteer as a Big Sister in 2011 for the Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. It’s been a real incredible experience for me and I am enjoying every minute of it. Big Sisters is committed to enhancing the confidence, self-esteem and well-being of girls through supportive relationships with female mentors. Mentoring starts something. Mentoring can put girls on the right path, help them make positive decisions, stay in school, and believe in themselves. I want to be that possibility!

I’ve always been a big believer of continuing personal development ever since my teen years, I’ve read many interesting books and taken many fantastic courses along with life’s journeys and adventures is what has made me to who I am today.

For fun, I practice my love of yoga and frequent the local trails hiking, cycling and rollerblading. An active healthy lifestyle is important to me. I absolutely love to travel and always want to try something new and exciting each time to please my curiosity of what is out there in the world and I definitely can’t miss out on my love of eating and trying new foods.

Last but not least the man that continues to inspire me in my real estate career and in life along with his two wonderful children have to be mentioned. I met this incredible family in 2012 and they have taught me a lot along the way that have been invaluable to me. Lots of laughs, fun adventures, amazing cooking experiences but most of all they complete all aspects of my life and they don’t even mind my quirkiness! The three biggest hearts you will ever meet. Thank you Charles for including me in your family and all the experiences we have shared along the way.

Where it all began


I was born in the south pacific Island of Fiji  (paradise), then moved at an early age and lived most of my childhood and teenager years in the Okanagan Valley. My family then moved to Calgary Alberta where I finished school. Finally I had enough of the cold and was destined to live in Vancouver, BC where my career  and my family started.

My Beautiful City Today ... Vancouver, B.C


Things I love and enjoy

 Play time is golfing with a love hate relationship with it.  My daily routine starts off fresh with health and fitness being a big part of my daily regime for my mind and body.

Try to live by my favourite shirt "Seize the Day" and more and more finding time to getaway and travel to add experiences to my life. Sunny destination, big city lights  or backyard adventures all fit my bucket list.

Visiting WINERIES like Stoneboat in Oliver, B.c.  Great summer wine on the patio                                                                                    

Visiting WINERIES like Stoneboat in Oliver, B.c.  Great summer wine on the patio


Ahh... a good hot and spicy fijian curries are my comfort food on a weekend, or preparing my favourite dishes like my lamb specialities...

Most people who know me,  know how much I am a connoisseur of good hot (burn your lips off)  chicken wings that packs a punch and then right to the opposite end  of exploring and enjoying my growing enjoyment of the simple and fine moments of red wines. 

My love of all kinds of great food

My love of food started with my Father teaching me at an early age the fundamentals of cooking and basic training. He was an established Chef and cooking runs deep in my family. Today I love to explore the culinary tradition with my own twist to recipes  for my kids, friends and family. One of my all time favourite culinary movie is below...