ALYSSA and me :)

ALYSSA and me :)

I was born in Vancouver BC, February, 2006. One of the things I really like are flowers because of their bright colors. I love to draw and my favorite sport is swimming. My favorite animals are tigers, puppies and cats.  

When I was in Kindergarten I loved my teacher Ms. Papagiannis she was so nice and my BFF was Alyssa. I’ve had lots of nice teachers in elementary my grade 1 teacher was Ms. Yu and grade 2 my teacher was Ms. Yam and that year I had gotten separated from my BFF Alyssa she was in Ms. Tams class which was sad. In grade 3, I am in Ms. Tams class she is nice and funny and now I’m back with Alyssa. We have been friends for 4 year’s now.

My brother has had an iPad for a long time and now I finally got a Samsung tab 3 that I like and use all the time. My brother is 3 years older than me. I also love my family so much more than anything in the whole world!


WHATS NEW ( November 11/2016)

Well for starters i started grade.5 and started volleyball and I have been hanging out with some new friends. I have started grade 5 a new chapter of my 10 year old life my teacher was the same as last year ms.Morgan she is the best teacher ever she is kind and funny. I have started volleyball this year my team and I are hoping we make our way to city finals. We are a great team I am also the youngest on the team you see the junior girls and boys didn't have enough people so they asked for grade 5 even though juniors are grade 6. So far we have won 6 games and lost 2. Ever since I left grade 3 and grade 4 I have new friends grade 3 I had 2 in grade 4 I had 8 and now I have 16. Well really I have more but I am too tired to count. Here is a list of all of the sports I ever done: soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, karate, dance, tennis, track and field(running, shot put, long jump, high jump) and cross country (running).And well that's it for now (now).

Shriya Bilash

My Favourite things...FLOWERS:)

I won gold in 2015!!


My Fav Quotes



I just watched Cinderella and I loved it


I saw "Cinderella" with my Mom and my brother on March 14, 2015. The story was a teen that got a Stepmother and two step sisters, she was the maid of them. Ella did not like her stepmother and sisters but remembered her moms promise be kind and and fearless. They soon had turned wicked, one of the sisters made a name for Ella it was Cinderella. One day she went to the forest and met the Prince,  the Prince did not want Cinderella to now he was Prince so he said he was Mr.Kit soon they returned to there homes. One day Cinderella went to the market and heard that there is going to be a ball. Cinderella ran home to tell the step sisters and mother. so excited they sent Cinderella to go get dress s. soon she new there was no dress for her.soon it was time for the ball Cinderella made her own dress  the sisters ripped the dress she cried as they left then a voice came and it was Cinderella s ferry god mother she helped Cinderella and soon Cinderella was on her way to the ball.she met the  Prince she danced the night with him then the clock stroke midnight she ran and her glass slip fall of! the Prince sent the Duck to let every girl to wear the slipper then came to Cinderella s house she tried on the slipper and it fit soon Cinderella married the Prince and live HAPPLY EVER AFTER!! I loved the movie very much and it was better than "Frozen" I hope all my friends go and see this.